Low back pain to no back pain with Whole Body Vibration

Chronic lower back pain has been an ongoing problem and it has usually been treated by pharmaceutical treatments prescribed by the local medical physician. But it seems chiropractors have found a safe self-body healing process with the state of the art technology Whole Body Vibration (WBV).

Lower Back pain is defined as weakening bone strength and/or muscle elasticity. Over stretches and heaving lifting will cause pain, strain, or spasm in the muscles or ligaments in the back. Unfortunately many of us are more inclined into finding fast solutions as pain medications, yet in the long run that acute lower back pain suddenly becomes chronic and now you find yourself taking higher doses of your favorite pharmaceutical. The chiropractic approach has now been a sense of relief to those patients suffering from lower back pain.

How does WBV’s technology help? It operates as a vibrating platform in which the patient stands on and is monitored by a doctor with instructions of different postural movements. These plates vibrate 30 to 50 times per second, at these accelerated rates involuntary muscle contractions occurs. Continuous muscle stretches transpire in the lower back helping muscles relax and contract at high speeds allowing inflammation to decease, WBV allows the muscles to be at work in a safe manner.

So why increase your pill intake for that lower back pain when your own body can do its job of healing with the help of your local chiropractor and their up to par technology.

Cammisa, Perry, DC. "The American Chiropractor." Whole Body Vibration: An Alternative Treatment for Chronic Low-Back Pain (2013): 16-18. 

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