Intersegmental Traction

What is Intersegmental Traction?

Intersegmental traction is a means of inducing passive motion into your spine for the purpose of increasing spinal mobility and comfortably stretching the joints. Because the discs in your spine have a poor blood supply, they depend on proper spinal movement (mechanics) to replenish their nutrients. Proper spinal mechanics also allows for the removal of waste, decreasing the likelihood of bone spur formation (degenerative arthritis). When the spine is misaligned this prevents the proper circulation from occurring. Intersegmental traction helps increase and restore necessary elasticity and motion to the spine.

How does Intersegmental Traction work?

The patient lies face up on a bench table which has vibrating roller-type cams beneath its surface. These massaging rollers will slowly travel up and down the spine.

What does Intersegmental traction feel like?

Most patients find this form of treatment to be relaxing and very helpful. The rolling action is very gentle while exercising the spine with very little effort.

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