HydroMassage Therapy

Dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, hydro massage has a number of therapeutic benefits. Hydro massage combines the therapeutic advantages of warm water with massage. Hydro massage takes place in a self-contained device that requires no actual hands-on contact. The individual being massage lays or sits in the massage unit and pressurized water massages their body, which stays dry because there is a waterproof barrier between the water and the patient.

1. Pain Relief

Hydro massage is used as a method of pain relief for a number of conditions. Those with soft-tissue injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, TMJ, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, tendonitis, injuries and a number of other pain-related conditions may benefit from hydro massage. This is because the warmth of the water, combined with the pressure of the massage help increase circulation throughout the body. This helps trigger the body's natural ability to manage pain.

2. Stress Relief

Hydro massage is also used to relieve stress. This can be particularly helpful for patients who suffer with insomnia, anxiety or stress-management issues. Not only does the massage element help relax the body, but the sound and warmth of the water is also relaxing for many people. Plus, it helps release toxins built up in the muscles and releases the natural endorphins responsible for relaxation in the body. The process leaves you with less tension throughout the body and a more-relaxed state of mind.

3. Strength And Flexibility

Hydro massage is used therapeutically to help increase and maintain strength and flexibility. The relaxation and increase in circulation that hydro massage produces leads to a better range of motion in both joints and muscles. For this reason, physical therapists and doctors often use hydro massage for patients who are disabled, have immobility in certain limbs or are recovering from an injury.

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