Thyroid Disease

Causes of Thyroid Imbalances & How to Treat it Naturally 

Have you realized that a cup of coffee is no longer sufficient to get you through your day? Your energy and stamina for the day are directly related to levels of the thyroid hormones. The thyroid is involved in many more processes in the body and is a primary factor to have balanced. Hypothyroidism is a common condition in the United States and causes symptoms as weight gain, fatigue, pale skin, joint pain, hair loss, constipation, high cholesterol, etc. As for hyperthyroidism symptoms may result in weight loss, tremors, rapid heartbeat, sleep difficulties and so forth.

Some factors that are causing these imbalanced hormones may be caused by environmental factors as high stress and the lack of sleep. Excess cortisol in the body from constant stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system can be linked to heart disease, elevated blood pressure and decreased function of the immune system. In order to control these risk factors one must sleep well and lower stress levels, some tips and techniques are deep breathing exercises, use of lavender essential oils, eliminating electronics from the bedroom, yoga/stretching/physical activities. And remember your stomach is not a garbage disposal; you must pay attention to the foods that are consumed through out your day. Be alert with soy and non-organic dairy products due to the fact that it increases estrogen in the body and affects the thyroid gland.

Our digestive system contains 80 percent of our immune system and an imbalanced diet conveys an imbalance thyroid. In order to begin a dietary change one can start a detox in which involves eliminating dietary waste, reduction of chemical exposures, and beginning the intake of nutritional supplements. Hormonal imbalances are also caused by pregnancy, contraceptive use, estrogen/hormone replacement therapy, and bowel dysfunction. Research has shown that hormonal replacement therapy does not protect patients from incontinence, Alzheimer's, heart disease and so forth; actually it increases the risk of cancer. So why add more stress to the body when there are natural ways to resolve hormonal imbalances by the practice of acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutritional supplements. Learn how to listen to your body by helping it heal itself with more natural approaches. 


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